Artificial Intelligence based shopping store safety software

Aim of article: Artificial Intelligence based Software to do surveillance or safety, as needed by owners, of store for crime detection. Need, Use and How to do it is discussed here on this page.

One needs to see what’s is requirements given constraints. One store can have a different needs than another, it all depends on what you do, what you cater crowd for, eating, or selling products or just a gathering place…. The requirements may vary, you may just like to see no thefts are done in store, or you may be interested in overall security of products it selves, some may be interested in knowing their customers in this way, and some for security of car parking’s in the store. It all depends on what are requirements and constraints are specific to you. So once such a software is made the software has to take care of the fact that all requirements of different people may differ and constraints are business specific entities. So it is needed to make user specific alterations and feedbacks to be taken regularly to make it a beneficial system.

What I think is a authenticated store or mart safety or surveillance software system using AI is needed. For many reasons. Firstly giving sense of security to people visiting the store. Take feedback,  may be most people would like to go to such a store which is in surveillance. There is no freedom and privacy issue as store owner owns this data for its personal use.

I would personally like a house surveillance system using AI to detect and protect my house exteriors and gardens from stray animals, car in parking, in future. And lanes need protection from crimes at night too.

These are individual systems owned by a group, some under individual scope. Each software manufactured to cater individual demands based on client side demands. No one is monitoring things all time. Its used only when needed to raise alarm or catch culprits and to give a sense of security to common people like us.

Software components:

  1. Basic Image Processing tools to be used to get the image.
  2. Store to register first time visitors using quick technique, an identity card scan or so. Form filling is too tiring process.
  3. For recurring visitors, just a phone number or customized authentication as the store wants to enter there.
  4. These are basic steps in basic software components of generic software
  5. Next, Artificial Intelligence module, for voice processing and image processing in store. These need to be developed – just to make sure user specific requirements are met.
  6. Integration of basic AI component in software as per needs of owners of stores.

The user requirements can vary as

  1. From peaceful shopping to theft free shopping.
  2. Or car parking security at nights

So check your requirements and constraints and get it. Now about the AI component.

Well AI component shall be common in most of these various customized softwares developed. Full functionality may not be developed in one release of the software. So how it goes. We want to separate code from AI developments we made, not like some earlier AI things which need code to be changed a lot on change on release of a component.

Hence, code the software that takes inputs from AI module, such as set alarm, report, note, or just do noting and observing. The implementation of this API can change with progress made in detecting a “particular thing in video such as theft in store”. This would need new models such a deep learning models to learn how theft video actually looks like to fit in the need of the store. Feeing the deep learning model, with training samples and letting it learn the model. But as of initial beginning software model, all one can provide is basic image processing thing and ability to track things, which if a thing is stolen from store can be tracked by looking back–as of now! To give a sense of security both to store owner for its things and for visitors for peace of mind!

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